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Responsive parallax scrolling jquery

Last Updated on July 18, If you have basic knowledge of jQuery and javascript, you will easily apply parallax scrolling in your website. Jquery parallax has some special effects for a website which helps to attract traffics. When we open query parallax plugins, it makes load images very fast thus save visitors time. Use of jQuery parallax scrolling tutorial is developing for the developers to develop animation and other important effects.

When we apply the effects on images of parallax scrolling, then cool 3D effect could be developed on the images.

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Ending your search we collected some best best parallax scrolling tutorials Here we present 15 best jQuery parallax scrolling tutorials for designing. I hope this collection is very useful for you.

A simple parallax content slider with different animations for each slider element and a background parallax effect. Tutorial Demo. This type of effect is slowly appearing across various websites on the web, achieved using many different techniques.

Parallax-js is a simple, lightweight Parallax Engine that reacts to the orientation of a smart device. Where no gyroscope or motion detection hardware is available, the position of the cursor is used instead.

FractionSlider is a jQuery plugin that allows you to animate multiple elements per slide. You can set different animation methods like fade or transitions from a certain direction. Parallax scrolling is an interesting technique, where, as you scroll, the background images translate slower than the content in the foreground, creating the illusion of 3D depth. One of the best starting point to learn parallax effect with large backgrounds floating upwards while the page elements are moved to the center of the page.

With Stellar. Here multiple backgrounds are scrolling efficiently behind your main call to action object which is pretty much made static and in the center of the whole page. A parallax website tutorial with download of the source code which is similar to above mentioned tutorials where 6 layer of images are used to achieve the scrolling effect. The parallax principle to move different backgrounds when we slide to an image in order to create some nice perspective.

15 Best JQuery Parallax Scrolling Tutorials

Parallax scrolling website interfaces have been popping up all over the place recently. This is optical effect displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. Basically, this is when we can see several shifting layers during some action. And today, we will apply this effect for vertical slider. View all articles by webdesigncone. Your email address will not be published.Notice: Hello mobile user.

Unfortunately, this parallax effect is not reliably achieved on mobile devices, so all you will see on this demo page are static backgrounds. Please visit this page on a desktop browser to see its full effect. To call the parallax plugin manually, simply select your target element with jQuery and do the following:.

What parallax. This mirror element will sit behind the other elements and match the position and dimensions of its target object. Due to the nature of this implementation, you must ensure that these parallax objects and any layers below them are transparent so that you can see the parallax effect underneath.

Options can be passed in via data attributes of JavaScript. Installation Download and include parallax. Options Options can be passed in via data attributes of JavaScript. Name type default description imageSrc path null You must provide a path to the image you wish to apply to the parallax effect.

Specify coordinates as top, bottom, right, left, center, or pixel values e. The parallax image will be positioned as close to these values as possible while still covering the target element. By default these will be behind everything else on the page. This can hide slow or stuttering scroll events in certain browsers.

If true, this option will set the parallax image as a static, centered background image whenever it detects an iOS user agent. Disable this if you wish to implement your own graceful degradation. Disable this if you wish to enable the parallax scrolling effect on Android devices.

You can provide the natural width and natural height of an image to speed up loading and reduce error when determining the correct aspect ratio of the image. This is analogous to the background-position css property. The speed at which the parallax effect runs.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Does anyone know were I can find a tutorial for how to do horizontal parallax scrolling via js form scratch i. Or can provide me with an example. The reason I want to do it from scratch is because I want a perfect understanding of how parallax truly works.

I don't mind using the jQuery library I just don't want to rely on a plugin for the effect. Without a library such as jQuery the parallax effect would be rather difficult to implement, you'd need to manually implement all the animation rather than using the features provided in the library.

That being said however an approximate guide is something like the below implements a very poor parallax effect where the backgrounds are moving at different speeds. While this implementation is animating the background-position, the concept remains the same. The foreground moves proportionally faster than the background, and there are layers stacked on top of eachother.

Conceptually, that's as simple as it gets. The code from PezCuckow's answer but without jQuery i. Learn more. Asked 7 years, 7 months ago. Active 5 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 29k times. Or can provide me with an example I've spent tons of time Googling it, but could only find tutorials using plug-ins The reason I want to do it from scratch is because I want a perfect understanding of how parallax truly works.

Pez Cuckow A plugin is nothing more than a piece of code, when you say you don't want to rely one one, it doesn't make a lot sense. If the goal is learning, then why not just look at the source of the plugins and follow the tutorials you've found?

WesleyMurch true, but what you mentioned is only two parts of my three pronged attack. Out of interest, why did you change your accepted answer to Schmiddty? As far as I am aware he just took my code and posted it on jsfiddleThe reason behind this is that a professional looking HTML5 template will not only make your website beautiful. But it will make it super fast loading and If you add parallax scrolling effect on the same site then. It will become just super cool.

Users will just love to browse these types of sites and they will never ever leave your website without bookmarking. Because a great design is everything when you want to grape the attention of your loyal readers.

The HTML5 templates will not only help you to boost the speed of website but there are many other advanced features of using them. Parallax scrolling HTML5 templates are usually used on the modern type of websites. If you already have a website related to portfolio, designs or business niche then you must want to try these themes. Because these themes are professionally designed for these types of niches.

After using these themes on your website. You can feel the difference between an ordinary looking template and a parallax scrolling html5 templates. Our designer team has collected these unique looking parallax scrolling html5 templates from different resources.

responsive parallax scrolling jquery

These responsive themes are not only unique and give you website a beautiful look but they are also SEO optimized templates. Explorer is a beautiful multipurpose one page parallax responsive template perfectly tailored for agency and portfolio showcase.

Flat colors, clean and modern design made for creative, personal or corporate portfolio. Minimalist Flat Design. Highly customizable code. Gioss is One page responsive theme perfect for corporate, agency, photography or general business. Carna is a responsive one page HTML5 template.

Built with beautiful design and code functionality. Rise is a beautiful multi purpose one page parallax responsive template perfectly tailored for creative professionals or agencies. This Template is Suited for any type of website, personal or business use. Start using Olida today and make your website more amazing then anyone else. This is total responsive.

It is easy to customize Bootstrap 3 layout. The frio is powered with Foundation 6 Framework. It is clean and professional theme for agencies or creative studios.Parallax scrolling website interfaces have been popping up all over the place recently. Parallax scrolling is a 2d animation process that creates an illusion of depth by animating foreground layers faster than background layers.

When you observe the landscape from a moving car, objects closer to the car appear to pass you faster than scenery further away. Parallax scrolling uses the same principle to trick the viewer into thinking they are observing a 3d scene.

View demo Download source. Disclaimer 2: The navigation menu in my demo is inspired by the menu on the Nike Better World website. If you plan on implementing a similar menu on a production site, please be aware of its origin. The articles and background layers are given a fixed positioned with CSS, and assigned a z-index so that the foreground layers appear above the background layers.

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Within each layer individual content elements are absolutely positioned. This was the most fiddly part of the process, since the elements need to positioned in such a way that they align in a pleasing manner when the user scrolls to any of the four articles. In this case it was really just a process of trial and error.

A few lines of jQuery control the parallax effect, triggered by a scroll event. I was surprised how easy this was to achieve, it is literally just a handful of lines of code.


As you can see the CSS top property is used to move each layer as the user scrolls. The foreground layer is always aligned to the top of the document, while the movement of other layers is adjusted according to their depth.

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The lower a layer sits in the stack, the less distance it is moved. The rest of the jQuery is concerned with controlling the navigation menus.

When the user clicks a navigation button the page scrolls to the top of the associated article. In the event that the user has JavaScript disabled, regular HTML anchor links still allow the page to be navigated, but without any fancy pants animations. I have updated the demo so that each parallax layer is given a fixed, rather than absolute, position.

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This approach gives a smoother scrolling effect. Then add another navigation button to the primary menu, with its href pointing at your article e.

And finally, add a jQuery click handler for the new nav button. It should be fairly clear from looking at parallax. Yes, I did that … I had some problems at the beginning and use a single very high background image. To make the nav fixed to the top of the viewport, just change its CSS top and right properties, e. I was thinking about trying to optimize it, or at worst degrade similar to as you were talking about in the tut. Scrolling between sections works, but the position of background layers is only updated after the scroll has finished.

Awesome — any suggestions on the easiest way to add additional scroll points that animate the same as the first four? I noticed that on your demo and my working file that on firefox if you scroll by dragging the scroll tab, the window shudders.

Only on Firefox. Marcus — I think that may just be the nature of Firefox. I want to use the above parallax, but in horizontal manner.

User can use keyboard arrows, mouse wheel to navigate to next slide, also corresponding navigation dots must be selected. I tried the demo on chrome, and I found that when I scroll with the mouse wheel, it slightly jumps.Enter HTML5 and CSS3, the powerful combination that moves the modern internet, and then, meet Parallax technologies, the immersive, engaging effects that can add depth and substance to any site or page with the most understated minimalism.

Parallax scrolling is one web design trend that refuses to go away. The site had achieved a lot of good reviews from different sites for its amazing Parallax scrolling effects and web design. Parallax scrolling effect is a beautiful web design feature that is created with background imagery slowly moving to the foreground as the page is scrolled down.

This creates a stunning 3D effect and the impression of depth and makes the layouts more interactive and playful.

responsive parallax scrolling jquery

There is something particularly jaw dropping about browsing a site that features parallax scrolling. We must always remember that the best websites rely not only on engaging content, but on impressive design and a smooth user experience to excite visitors and convert leads into customers. The first expression is the best expression. Even if your products or services are top notch, not having a state of the art website with a user friendly interface might severely hamper your entrepreneurial goals.

With the right template, you can add complex effects, like parallax to your site with just the touch of a button. Impress your visitors with parallax website template. We have personally handpicked the most innovated and creative parallax website templates that you could use to make your website come to life. Responsive based on Bootstrap. This is one page for placing your information.

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All files and code has been well organized and nicely commented for easy to customize. You can use any template or mix content from different home pages for your website. Arden includes the design for corporate, business, agency, portfolio, blog and retail store websites, such as marketing agency, startup, design studio, architecture, constructions, finance business, landing page template, event, restaurant, interior, wedding, freelancer portfolio, agency portfolio, and many more.

Approach with new trending design, focus on clean, modern and minimalist design, Lewis will make your website look more impressive and attractive to viewers. Help increase the rate of interaction with your users and bring you more leads. Designed on grid system of Bootstrap, your site will look sharp on all screens.

With this template you can use it for a lot of portfolio showcase website such as agency, studio, freelancer, photographer, etc. Genox built with latest bootstrap 4 framework keeping developers in mind, and also designed for a great user experience. Its tested on all major and cross platform device like desktop, tablet, mobiles and hybridand browser like FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Awaza is a Bootstrap 4 based responsive Template suitable for any creative or corporate business startups.

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Multiple navigation styles are included in this template with lots of CSS and JQuery animations, a perfect template for business startups, web studio and creative agencies. The standard information sections will help anyone to customize according to their company info.Parallax scrolling, creating an illusion of depth by moving web elements in different speeds while scrolling, can help offering an attractive browsing experience. JavaScript is now dominant when it comes to nested scrollbars, parallax scrollers, and even touch-based scrolling features.

For this roundup we are showcasing 20 Best jQuery Plugins for Creating Parallax Scrolling Effectsfollowing plugins come with number of features and functions and can be integrated easily in your web sites to give a better end user experience to your visitors. It is simple to setup. It can be added to any existing page without the need to change the HTML mark up. Parallax-Scroll is a jQuery plugin to create elements with background images that behaves as if their background-attachment property is between scroll and fixed, similar to the parallax scrolling effect you see on Spotify.

responsive parallax scrolling jquery

SParallax is a responsive Jquery plugin that allows you to bind element transitions to the native vertical scroll bar of any web browser, thus allowing you to create parallax effects that are only limited by your imagination. Starscroll is a jQuery plugin that adds a fullscreen starfield, generated in canvas, controlled by css to any div.

The parallax responds when user scrolls no matter how big your contentor when is set to animate. Parallax Slider incorporates a parallax scrolling effect where each slide and its contents glide into view at different speeds, creating a captivating visual experience.

Visual intrigue aside, however, Parallax Slider is an easy to customize, responsive slider that can adapt to different screen and device sizes, by supporting a percentage value as its width. It is an extension that allows you to create an unique and beautiful style of navigationshowing the contents of your site through animations and colors to engage your visitors.

ScrollMagic is a jQuery plugin which essentially lets you use the scrollbar like a progress bar. Heavily inspired by the spotify. The plugin is really simple to use with some options to tweek.

Parallaxify is a jQuery plugin that adds parallax effects to elements and backgrounds based on gyroscope sensor device orientation data or mouse movement. Jarallax is a feature-rich JavaScript library for easily creating and customizing parallax scrolling effects.

The library enables us to manipulate CSS using keyframes and it supports custom controllers.

responsive parallax scrolling jquery

These controllers, compared to time-based animations, allows us to decide the events that animations will react to scrolling, mouse gestures, etc. The plugin is lightweight 1kb and works with almost no setup.

Responsive Parallax Images

Adding a specific class to wrapper elements and calling a JS function is enough. The first step is to run. Destaque is a simple slideshow plugin with built-in parallax effect.

Scrolly is a super simple and easy to use parallax plugin for jQuery. SuperScrollorama is a jQuery plugin for creating eye-candy effects in parallel to the scrolling of web pages.

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